Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sharky's Top Dive Op Recommendations...

There are over 100 dive operations on Cozumel, Mexico, with a wide range of size of operations and services.
The majority of them are very good at what they do.
Just deciding which one is right for your diving needs is the problem.

This is a very short list of ops that pretty much run the service and price gambit on the island.

I have either personally dove with these ops/people over the years,
received at least 10 personal recommendations or positive reviews and not negatives
or by observing the way the businesses are run and take care of their customers,
I feel confident in recommending them for your vacation diving on Cozumel... be fair, in alphabetical order...

Aldora Divers - Dave Dillehay and crew are a full service, top notch dive operation complete with
their own property (Villa Aldora) & multiple boats to serve you.

Blue Angel Resort - (Casa Sharky) - Our current dive op and Cozumel home for many years.
Again,a full service dive op, located at the ocean front property. Multiple boats from fast 6-packs to larger 'cabin cruisers' for large groups.

BlueXTSea - Boutique diving at it's best! Christi Courtney and crew do an excellent job taking care
of your every need. Christi started this business about the same time we first started coming to the island.
I have observed her great management and customer service all these years and highly recommend this op.

Bottom Time Divers - Raul Plates is the owner/divemaster extraordinaire of this one-man operation.
We used to dive with him many, many moons ago when he was with Blue Bubble who has changed owners several times over the years.He is extremely safety minded, a great guy and excellent at finding those little critters.

Dive with Martin - Our former dive op & a very good one. The only reason we left was for economic reasons. When El Cid bought La Ceiba and changed it to a time-share property, the priced us out and we moved up the street to Blue Angel and started taking advantage of the hotel/dive packages

Living Underwater - Jeremy has one of the most highly rated dive ops by members of the Scubaboard and definitely warrants a mention here.

Scuba with Alison - Alsion is one of our long time, great independent ops that constantly gets rave reviews from loyal customers.

ScubaTony - 'Scuba' Tony Anshutz is another one of those small operations doing a fantastic job on
the island. "I have never heard anyone say anything bad about Tony", a former 10 year island resident recently told me.
 We have had a working relationship with Tony for a couple years now. He has helped us at Cozumel Radio by doing dive reports for us and is another one of those great people to be associated with on the island who runs a very well operated service.

Link to our "Tips for Finding a Dive Op on Coz" YouTube segment


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