Friday, February 21, 2014

Community and Events Calendar 2014- It's the "Lan'Shark Report"!

2014 Island Events 'n' stuff!

January 2014

February 2014

26th - March 5th -  Carnival! Details Here!

March 2014

5th - Ash Wednesday - First day of Lent

16th - Chrysalis Group 2nd Annual 5k walk/run to help the children of Cozumel reach their full
           potential through education.  Details Here!
17th - St. Patrick's Day

21st - Benito Juarez's Birthday - National Holiday honoring president and leader of the
          19th-Century Reform movement.
          Banks and government offices will be closed.

April 2014

13th - Palm Sunday
15th - 1st day of Passover
17th - Maundy Thursday "Holy Thursday" - bank holiday

18th - Good Friday - bank holiday

19th - Holy Saturday

20th - Easter Sunday 

28th - May 3rd -Feria del Cedral - Cedral Festival - The anniversary of the first Catholic mass in
           Mexico, which was celebrated in El Cedral. A more than 150 year old tradition, the fair at
           El CedraL is held every year during the first week of May to commemorate the Day of the
           Holy Cross, honoring the safe passage of the 11 founding families who fled the mainland to
           Cozumel in 1848 during La Guerra de Castas (The Caste War).

           Residents and visitors can enjoy the many food stands, games, dancing and shopping displays
           throughout this week-long festival. Particularly of note are the “Head of the Boar” and “The
           Ribbons” traditional dances which are performed on May 3, Day of the Holy Cross (Día de la
           Santa Cruz). The event also features cattle exhibitions, races, rides and bullfights.

May 2014

1st - 15thSharky's Big Cozumel Adventure 2014!

5th -  Cinco de Mayo - locals in Cozumel remember Mexico's victorious battle at Puebla, when the French were defeated. This is a national holiday and the cause for much celebrations, including street parties and an impressive fireworks display at the end of the day

11th - Dia del Madre (Mother's Day), mothers around Cozumel can expect to receive flowers and more on this special day

16th - 18th - Rodeo de Launchas Mexicanas fishing tournament - 
                      Official website
17th-18th - AEROSHOW COZUMEL 2014 will include for the first time with the ENTHUSIASTIC participation of the AIR SHOW Team, who presented RADIO CONTROL airplanes more big there in our country, two PIPER scale 50% and 60%.

June 2014 

July 2014

4th - Independence Day U.S.

July 2014 

August 2014

 September 2014

16th - Independence Day, Mexico

28th - Sharky's 25th annual 29th Birthday :-)

October 2014

November 2014

27th -Thanksgiving  - U.S.

December 2014

25th - Christmas Day

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