Monday, February 17, 2014

Aldora 'Polar Express' update ...

...well, it's taking a little longer to get this episode together, simply because the story keeps developing!

 we are now up to THREE "sleeping shark caves"!

 The first segment for the 2 part show is pretty much "in the can", other than this new third shark cave development, and with a little production and editing it should be up on the YouTube channel in the next couple days ... unless they find more sites before we can post!

 This weekend is the Texas Dive Show is this weekend (Feb. 22-23) at the Arlington Convention Center.

 Aldora divers will be on hand, and we're going to try and get some insights on the new dive sites directly from some of the folks involved ... maybe an actual interview on the show!! wouldn't that be cool?

 anywho, have a blessed week! Go diving! ... or at least daydream about it!



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