Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patty's Day Play(along) list!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Tankers!
Here this week's Play(along) List...
"Irish Bands & Everything Green"
...Here's how to play along...1.) open 2 YouTube windows. 2.) open the first 2 songs, one in each of the windows. 3.)... skip the ad at the beginning of each song as you set it up, by 'muting' the sound in the window, 'skip' the ad, or let it play through if you have to. Then pressing 'pause' just before the song starts 4.) do the same in the second window 5.) play the first song (don't forget to 'unmute' the sound) 6.) play the second song...7.) while the second song is playing, set up the third song in the 1st window. 8.) repeat process...

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